Figments of a Shattered Mind

Where the reflections in a mirror mean more than you think

Have you ever dreamed of another you?

Mirrors, what exactly are they? To some they are nothing more than polished material whose sole purpose is to reveal the vanity of the user. To others it is vision of what they look like or what they wish to be. A mirror is nothing more than a reflection of the user, mimicking their movements in a cruel dance of both obedience and whimsical display of one’s own actions. 

But mirrors are more than that.

A mirror is doorway to another you. A simple shimmering piece of glass is what separates you from yourself. Mirrors are doors, they allow us to view a reality that could’ve been. Picture a reality where a coin flip changed your entire life, and imagine the opposite happening on the other side. Entire worlds can vary off of such a change, which seems to baffle the mind. A single event can change the entire course of history, and yet this seems to be strange to people. 

Now picture a mirror whose reflection wasn’t different. A world where for some, they defy this assumed constant that mirror reflect the opposite. This somehow becomes interesting to the general populace. Funny that, a single difference it what is believed to be the status quo is both plaguing and intriguing. This is the folly of humans, is that when met with an outside situation, that disturbs what is believed to be normal, they flock to it like moths to an ember.

Now ask yourself, what do you believe when you smile into the mirror, and the mirror smiles back? Do you believe it to be a trick of the light? A tired mind inventing something to keep it stimulated? Or do you believe it to be just a figment of your imagination? There are smiles in the mirror, and you might not want to know why they grin back at you.